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Special Discounts

We offer personalized group discounts to ensure an affordable and enjoyable experience for all Adults (Ages 16+) adventurers. 

By offering these distinct discount ranges, our goal is to accommodate groups of various sizes and meet your specific needs, making each adventure more accessible and enjoyable.

Our special discounts for groups are for the Tours:

Marco Island’s Mangrove Kayak Tour – Paddle Aventure

Please arrive 25 minutes before your tour start time.


$59.99Adults Ages 16+
$58.99Adults • Groups of 2 – 4 Ages 16+
$57.99Adults • Groups of 5+ Ages 16+
$54.99Children Ages 5 – 15


Marco Island’s Mangrove Kayak Tour – Pedal Odyssey

We will reach out to you for the exact start time and meeting time.

$89.99      Adults Ages 16+
$85.99Adults • Groups of 2 – 4 Ages 16+
$82.99Adults • Groups of 5+ Ages 16+
$69.99Children Ages 5 – 15
  • To obtain our Discounts for Groups, when selecting the date and time of the tours, you can select the number of explorers for the tour, the price is calculated automatically.

  • To take advantage of our current discounts, reservations must be made through our website.Please note that the information provided in these frequent questions is for general reference only and may not necessarily reflect the specific details of your reservation.

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