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Blue Phone Protector Case Waterproof



2022 Waterproof Smartphone Neck Strap Floating Transparent Multi-functional Touch Case.

  1. This set of waterproof mobile phones after charging does not affect: touch screen operation, games, videos, photos, text messages, calls and other functions.
  2. Scope of application: rafting, swimming, diving, beach, water park, usually waterproof and rainproof, moisture-proof, dustproof, anti Khan, Mountain climbing, outdoor sports, field operation can be used.
  3. Before using this product, first check if the product was damaged by deformation after continuing, again on a dry towel in the water test for 5 minutes, if the fabric did not find a trace of moisture, in the normal use of mobile Lin, avoid Strong art and scratch are not used at high temperature for a long time.

After use in water, it is necessary to remove the pressure, place the seal, dry the moisture from the resin and remove the pressure suitable for the temperature after use.

How to use this waterproof phone case?

Unlock the case by pressing the buttons outward

  1. Open the clip gently
  2. Put the phone in the bag
  3. Close the buttons inward
  4. Place the cord
  5. Use it in water sport


Waterproof bags cannot be used in hot springs.

Stay away from any sharp objects.

If condensation appears inside the bag, do not worry it is caused by moisture in the air. It is a normal phenomenon.

They are not recommended when diving more than 30 meters.

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